Remembering Arnhem

Film Synopsis

There have been countless books on the Battle of Arnhem. Those accounts of ‘Operation Market Garden’ have been documented and created into many documentaries and movies, not least the famous ‘Bridge too Far’.

Remembering Arnhem, at first glance, may appear to be yet another version of the well told story. However this is not the case. This new film is not a detailed day to day narrative of the operation or a document of its failures. This is the moving real story told by the actual men that were there, from their own personal viewpoint and memories.

Operation Market Garden, launched in September 1944, was an unsuccessful Allied offensive mainly, fought in the Netherlands. It was the largest airborne operation in history up to that time. The operation was a daring one and it was the brainchild of the British General Bernard Montgomery. He intended the airborne offensive to allow the allies to break into the German heartland and to end the war quickly. However, this was not the case, the allied offensive was to prove to be a costly failure and may have even delayed their victory in Europe.

In ‘Remembering Arnhem’ we have recorded the memoirs and personal accounts of a few selected combatants, men that took part. They tell their own personal stories and recollect their own individual experiences. The men we have chosen for this account were all recorded in their twilight years; and for many this film is probably  their last public account of their experiences and memories of the ill-fated battle..’Their Last Post’.